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20 november, 2008

Reject – NATO, its Wars, its Militarism

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Varför stödja krigsmånglare och krigsprofitörer? Varför kriga i Afghanistan när USA uppenbarligen bara har bin Laden som svepskäl för fortsatt krig. Man har ju aldrig varit intresserad av att fånga in honom:

It was last year that rumours spread about this report in Kabul, but it has not been taken seriously by the media. But watching this revealing French documentary changes the rumours into disturbing facts.

”Bin Laden, the failings of a manhunt”, produced by Emmanuel Razavi and Eric de Lavarene, two French filmmakers and reporters, assesses and confirms the claims of French soldiers that they could have killed Usamah within two operations, but the American forces prevented them This film has not been broadcast publicly yet and is to be broadcast by Planet, a French network..

We Woman Reject – NATO, its Wars, its Militarism
We Woman Further – Understanding, Peace, Non-Violence
We Transcend Borders – Women Make Progress

Throughout Europe women are active against US bases. We fight against NATO training grounds: what is taught here turns into bloody reality in other parts of the world.

We stand up against atomic bombs, missile defence and space control installations. We support the implementation of UN resolution 1325, which states that women must play an important, autonomous role in preventing wars, peacefully solving conflicts and building a peace order.

Following the end of the Cold War, women once again overcome dividing lines between ethnic groups and countries, boundaries of hate. Everywhere they build bridges of understanding, i.e. in divided Ireland, between Bosnia, Serbia and the other former Yugoslav states, between Chechnya, Afghanistan and Russia, Israel and Palestine, Kurdestan and Turkey. These are our experiences. Therefore we know: a peaceful, peace promoting Europe is possible.

NATO is a significant barrier to our aims. It is based on images of hostility, which are renewed according to its fashion. NATO members go to war, defend their interests in the world with military threats, start a new arms race. We say: 60 years of NATO are enough!

We want to overcome power politics, in mutual respect, understanding and peaceful conflict resolution. Instead of the rich dominating the poor countries we want to overcome hunger and poverty together. Only with us women will this political change happen.

In classical antiquity, Lysistrata, in order to prevent the war, called upon the women of Athens and Sparta to rebutt their menfolk. She was successful. We deny the myths presented by warmongers. They say: wars are fought for womens’ rights, we must fight terrorism with military means, atomic weapons protect us. What a bunch of lies!

As daughters of Lysistrata we refuse to share responsibilty for warring, in that we fight for

 a nuclear-free Europe,
 closing down of US bases,
 an end to Star Wars programmes,
 abolishing images of hostility,
 a European system for security,
 the acknowledgement of womens’ role in preventing wars
and founding peaceful settlements.

Kopiera, skriv under och skicka till Kvinnor För Fred. Maria Hagberg Jag är övertygad om att män är lika välkomna

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